I think in the beginning most people have a hard time adjusting to this new plan that is introduced into their lives. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable takes time and most people need accountability. I believe that the only way to truly help someone is by being as hands on as possible. – Nikki Leonard

What Clients are saying:

These past 6 weeks have felt so normal but so different in such an amazing way. I’ve noticed my energy levels, mood, acne, cellulite, and muscular structure change for the better and not just by workouts…but by different eating habits. Through this challenge I learned how to portion my meals properly to achieve the body and MIND that I’ve always hoped for. Without over focusing on macros I learned what proteins, carbs, and fats were used for in my training and how to keep eating even on the days my appetite felt nonexistent. Things clicked SO easy and Nikki made me feel so confident in the process. Knowing what and how to train is one thing, and don’t deny that that alone will take you far but having the knowledge and/or coaches to help keep you accountable for nutrition is key. Pretending you have things under control when you know you don’t is our own biggest set back. This time I decided to take the chance. I am SO happy with my results and recommend a challenge like this to anyone looking to step their game up from the bottom or from the top. Thank you Nikki! I had such a great experience.”

– Star Strul

“Hi Nikki! I want to personally tell you how much I appreciate your honesty and effort in putting your whole heart into this program. I have never pushed myself this far towards fitness, I’ve gone through ups and down during these 6weeks, thanks to you keeping me in check I truly feel healthier and happier inside and out. My energy level is off the roof! From a full time working mom to a soon to be mom thanks for having my back! This program truly does work as long as I stick to it. #iamalivingproof”

– Cynthia Vo

“Nikki’s coaching has been the best that I have ever had. She doesn’t only set you up for the six weeks but also gives you advice and motivation to keep going. This isn’t a “take it and go with it” kind of plan. She gives the support you need to be able to crush your goals. She shows genuine interest in helping you grow. I personally went through some rough patches during the six weeks and a lot of life changing events happened during that period of time but she was there to motivate me to keep going. She gave me life advice and was more than just a coach. She made me appreciate life and be thankful to have another day to be able to make the best of it. No question is too dumb to ask and she never made me feel like I was dumb for asking. Asking questions are the only way you’ll be able to grow and learn to make this a lifestyle. Extremely happy and grateful I took this journey with the absolute BEST coach out there!!”

– Magdalena Herrera

“I had been struggling for 5 years to stay consistent in the gym and with a diet to help me tone up. I didn’t consider myself very over weight but I knew my body fat wasn’t where it should have been. My starting weight was 148 pounds. I was following Nikki on Instagram for a while and was beyond excited when she decided to do a fitness challenge. Finally someone I admire was going to be able to help me. And boy did she. The workout plan was an entire shock to my body yet I was spending way less time in the gym and getting better results. In addition, the meal plan was EDUCATIONAL! It was not a standard meal plan thrown at you with no explanation or way to continue it on your own afterward. It had so much information and so many alternatives that I was actually eating what I wanted and getting crazy results from it. I believe 85% of my transformation was from the meal plan itself. Unfortunately, I went through a very difficult breakup smack dab in the middle (Week 4). It threw me a huge curve ball and I did somewhat fall off. However, I tried my hardest to stay stricter with the diet and it still gave me amazing results. During this entire challenge Nikki reached out to me through email and text for any questions or concerns and just general follow-up! We also had bi-weekly check-ins on the phone that was awesome. The biggest thing for me was that Nikki had already been where I have been and what I was going through; rough moments in life, trying to find workout programs that WORK, having them fail, feeling terrible for the ones that aren’t beneficial. Everything. I have never had a program where I felt like the trainer was by my side coaching me through all of this. I felt like I had paid for a personal trainer in the gym, yet I never got to physically work with Nikki, and I think that is huge. At the end of the 6 week challenge I lost a total of 13 pounds and my current weight is 135. I plan on doing the challenge over again (the gym part) and have already made the meal plan my lifestyle.”

– Marie Hines

“Six weeks ago if you told me I would be adding sets of burpees into my workouts I would laugh. Six weeks ago I couldn’t keep up with my boyfriend when we went on hikes. I wasn’t over weight I just wasn’t healthy. I lacked confidence in myself and I wasn’t happy with myself. I was on Instagram and came across this 6-week challenge. I had a little extra money saved from my tax return and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it then on this challenge. When Nikki sent me my workout plan and meal plan I was excited and worried at the same time. I was worried my body wasn’t going to be able to handle these workouts but I was excited to challenge myself. These last 6 weeks have been the most empowering 6 weeks of my life. I was doing things I never thought my body could do and I was noticing amazing changes in my body. I woke up every day excited to workout. It was my favorite part of the day. The phone calls with Nikki were exactly what I needed. She was so helpful with answering my questions. She helped talk me through the meal plan she had sent me so I could better understand what I was eating and how it was helping my body. Times where I felt down or started to doubt myself she helped lift my spirits back up to feel motivated to keep going and to keep pushing myself. Even if it wasn’t a week that I had a phone call with her I would email her to ask questions and she was also so quick to email me back with an answer or help. Even though I still have a ways to go to get my body where I want it to be I have never felt more beautiful and confident in myself in my life. These last 6 weeks have been the most rewarding 6 weeks ever and I couldn’t have done it without Nikki!!!”

– Rebecca Dunckley

“Thank you so much Nikki for being so easy to work with! I’ve especially enjoyed the high intensity workouts that get me in and out of the gym so timely! As a full time working mom, it’s been so hard to find the time to get an effective workout in, and still have time with my family, which will always be my number one priority! I feel so much better after the last 6 weeks, and I can’t wait to keep seeing results now that you’ve given me the push I so desperately needed!”

– Susie Mothes